Anna Marta Marini is a PhD fellow at Instituto Franklin–UAH, where her main research project (in collaboration with CISAN–UNAM) delves into the representations of border-crossing and the “other side” in US popular culture. Her research interests are: CDA related to violence (either direct, structural, or cultural); the representation of borderlands and Mexican American heritage; the re/construction of identity and otherness in film and comics, particularly in SF, horror, and (weird) western genres. She is currently the president of the PopMeC Association for US Popular Culture Studies.

Culture Shock: Representing border discourses and practices in the Trump era

On July 4, 2019, Hulu launched the tenth installment of its ‘Into the Dark’ horror anthology, titled Culture Shock and directed by Mexican Canadian Gigi Saul Guerrero. Culture Shock’s narrative development focuses on the crossing of the US–Mexico border by a group of migrants who are imprisoned in a border… Continue reading