Anna is a third year doctoral student in the Department of English at King’s College, London. Her research centres on American Barbary captivity narratives of the post-Revolutionary period and explores how these narratives engage with the tensions surrounding American identity formation. Anna’s thesis is provisionally entitled ‘Beyond Orientalism: Re-Reading Barbary Captivity Narratives.’

Review: BrANCA Reading Group: “Hope/Pessimism”

BrANCA’s first reading group of 2015 was hosted by Dr. Ed Sugden and took place at King’s College, London on 26 June. The selected text for the reading group was Sutton Griggs’s novel Imperium in Imperio (1899). Griggs’s self-published text has often been described as utopian, envisioning an all-black nation within Texas. The aim of the reading group was to explore Griggs’s little-read novel under the rubric of “Hope/Pessimism.” Continue reading