Alex Jeffery has recently completed a highly interdisciplinary PhD on Gorillaz' Plastic Beach, which interrogates both the narrativity of the project as well as the fecund range of creative responses to it from fans. His main research interests generally include music video, fan cultures and narrativity in popular music. He is also Associate Editor at the long running music review site Music OMH.

Configuring The Dream Factory: Prince Fans and Destabilisation of the Album in the Digital Age

The speed with which ‘Prince’s ‘Vault’ of unreleased recordings was drilled into after his untimely death felt shocking to many. The existence of ‘The Vault’, a locked room within Prince’s Paisley Park recording complex, has been well known for decades and is believed to contain thousands of unreleased Prince recordings, as well as unseen music videos. However, the promise of authorising material that fans have been making their own for a considerable amount of time has refuelled discussion. Continue reading