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As the Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher webspace of the British Association for American Studies (BAAS), U.S. Studies Online showcases cutting-edge research by, and professional development support for, American Studies scholars at an early stage in their careers.

Working collaboratively with leading international scholarly networks, U.S. Studies Online provides a direct link between BAAS and other academic organisations, provoking conversation and collaboration within the American Studies community. U.S. Studies Online aims to bring ground-breaking scholarship directly to the public through regular open access blog posts, book and event reviews, and monthly public twitter-based discussions through our #bookhour forum.

Drawing upon the interdisciplinarity of the American Studies community, U.S. Studies Online publishes innovative research by postgraduate and early-career researchers covering a broad range of topics, incorporating history, literature, politics, cultural studies, film, art history, and gender studies. We also feature posts from established academics, as well as non-academic specialists, offering advice and support to provide professional and pedagogical skills advice.

The editorial team and guest contributors source and produce exciting, varied content that includes:

To find out more about how you can contribute to U.S. Studies Online email our editorial team at usso@baas.ac.uk. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Thanks for reading,

Frances Rowbottom and Robyn Shooter (Co-Editors)

Aija Oksman, Tom Cryer, Sam Thozer, and Molly Becker (Assistant Editors)



Dr. Sue Currell on behalf of the British Association for American StudiesBAAS

“I can’t overstate how thrilled I am about the new U.S. Studies Online forum. The editors have created a beautifully designed space that has reinvigorated the American Studies community online. It has provided a lively and interesting home for what can be a disparate interdisciplinary community, making a unique hub that is of interest to us all, whether we study American literature, history, culture, politics or something else. Their inclusive space has introduced us to each other when it is very often difficult for us to meet in person (being dotted in various academic departments all around the UK). The 60 second interviews of academics, postgraduates and researchers have introduced me to the work and thoughts of people I’ve never met in person as well as those I do know quite well. The style — friendly, informal and non-hierarchical — is a model of collegiality and community. The calendar and reviews of exhibitions, activities, latest research and events is of great interest and use to all of our community and shows what a lively, brilliant time this is to work in our field. I am amazed at how much the editorial team have managed to achieve since launching in April, and extremely excited about what they will do next.

A huge thanks on behalf of the British Association for American Studies to all on the editorial team of U.S. Studies Online for showing us the way with your energy, intelligence, vision and enthusiasm.”

Dr. Sue Currell is a Reader in American Studies at the University of Sussex and Chair of the British Association for American Studies

IAAS-Logo-blueDr. Philip McGowan on behalf of the Irish Association for American Studies

“In recent years BAAS and the IAAS (Irish Association for American Studies) have been looking at ways of developing mutually beneficial connections for our associations and particularly for our postgraduate and early career colleagues. Sometimes it’s hard to see actual evidence of such initiatives in action but if U.S. Studies Online is anything to go by, a new and exciting period of dynamic discussion and cross-pollination of ideas between the two associations and American studies scholars in these islands lies ahead. The relaunch of U.S. Studies Online in many ways is serving as the glue that connects BAAS to IAAS. As Chair of IAAS it is particularly pleasing to see how much a part of U.S. Studies Online that IAAS members have become. The format is great: open, engaged, informed. Anyone considering American subjects for postgraduate work, research or as a career ambition now has an essential place to go for information, advice and support. One wonders quite how we did without it.”

Dr. Philip McGowan is Senior Lecturer in American Literature at Queen’s University Belfast and Chair of the Irish Association for American Studies (IAAS)

Chris Gilson on behalf of LSE USApp – LSE’s American Politics and Policy BlogUSApp-logo-3

“I first encountered U.S. Studies Online in April when it was about to launch. Since then, the site has grown enormously in both its coverage and its reach. One of U.S. Studies Online’s most distinctive features, which I think that set it apart from many other academic blogs is the variety and range of content, which appeals to a wide audience. From more traditional blog posts to book reviews, and their innovative “60 seconds with” series, the site is accessible and interesting for students, early career researchers and even those with a general interest in the U.S.

It’s equally impressive, and a testament to how hard the editors work that U.S. Studies Online publishes regularly, with several high quality, well written pieces out every week. As a fellow blog managing editor, I can only say that this is much harder than it looks when the vast majority of blogs quickly run out of steam and cease to post new content after a relatively short amount of time.

There is a real need for a more sophisticated and informed discussion of U.S politics, history and society in the UK, and U.S. Studies Online is an excellent forum that helps to address this. They are a ‘must read’ for anyone interested in this area, and I wish them every success in the future.”

Chris Gilson is the Managing Editor of LSE blog USApp. USApp is one of the leading American Studies blogs in the UK, if not the leading American Studies blog.

Dr. Cara Rodway on behalf of the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Libraryeccles

“I have been incredibly impressed by how much the re-launched U.S. Studies Online has achieved in such a short time. The volume and quality of contributions are testament to how much a forum like this was missing from the scene, even as recently as 6 months ago. American Studies scholars of all levels have embraced the opportunity to share research, ideas and expertise via an elegant and accessible platform. The quality of contributions demonstrates the vibrancy of the American Studies community in the UK, Ireland and beyond. U.S. Studies Online provides a fantastic arena for those interested in the study of the United States at all levels—from sixth formers, to students, academics and the general public—to engage with interesting and original research that represents American Studies from all angles. I am extremely excited to see the blog continue to grow and develop.”

Dr. Cara Rodway is an Assistant at the Eccles Centre for American Studies at the British Library which works to promote the Library’s North American collections and North American studies in the UK.

Dr. Nick Witham on behalf of Journal of American StudiesAMS

“I have followed the re-launch of U.S. Studies Online with great interest, and have been very impressed with the content it has generated in its first six months. The site blends the more traditional aspects of academic publishing (i.e. book reviews, conference reports), with a host of innovative features such as interviews with scholars and students in the field, short multimedia research posts, and series of interventions on themes such as “Black History Month”. In doing so, the site provides a host of opportunities for postgraduate and early career researchers to engage with and learn about American Studies in all of its diversity.

U.S. Studies Online is also impressive because it presents content in a stylish, professional manner, and, in doing so, makes the most of the opportunities afforded by online publishing. It is a “forum for new writing” in the very best sense, and I expect it to go from strength to strength in the coming months and years.”

Dr. Nick Witham is a Senior Lecturer in American History at Canterbury Christ Church University and Associate Editor of Journal of American Studies

a49bee974150c395e841f95272c254d4_400x400Professor Jonathan Bell on behalf of HOTCUS: Historians of the Twentieth-Century United States and Institute of the Americas at UCL

“As Chair of the Historians of the Twentieth-Century United States (HOTCUS) and Director of the Institute of the Americas at UCL, I am delighted to express my admiration for the U.S. Studies Online forum. It is an invaluable tool for early career researchers to share research ideas, to launch debates about key themes in US history, politics, and culture, and to bring together a community of scholars across the UK and beyond. It is genuinely interdisciplinary in scope and committed to reaching as diverse an audience as possible.

hotcusThe mixture of new writing by junior scholars and advice from more experienced academics makes it a vital resource for anyone seeking to embark on an academic career: the opportunities provided for early career researchers to share ideas on diverse topics enriches the American Studies community in the UK.”

Professor Jonathan Bell is Professor of U.S. History at University College London, Director of UCL Institute of the Americas and Chair of the Historians of the Twentieth-Century United States (HOTCUS).

Dr. J. Michelle Coghlan on behalf of BrANCA: the British Association of Nineteenth-Century Americanists 

BrANCA logo“U.S. Studies Online is a phenomenal resource for those working in American Studies at every stage in their career. Regular features on events, such as its piece on the traveling “Show Me the Money: The Image of Finance, 1700 to the present” exhibition, as well as its ongoing coverage of conferences and reading groups, such as the post on last spring’s Alt-American symposium at Oxford, showcase the vibrancy of the American Studies community in the UK, while shorter “60 Second Interviews” put us in touch with a variety of postgrad, academic, and non-academic specialists working in the field. But U.S. Studies Online deserves equal note for the unparalleled work it does to prepare younger academics to face the challenges of the job market and grant applications. Since its re-launch last March, this blog has become an indispensable part of–and engine for–American Studies research and community building. That it has achieved so much in such a short time, and with such verve and stylistic panache at that, is a testament to its editorial staff as well as its excellent roster of postgraduate and ECR contributors. Simply put, U.S. Studies Online is a premier model of where scholarship and scholarly communities can go in the digital age.”

Dr. J. Michelle Coghlan is a Lecturer in American Literature and American Studies at the University of Manchester.

shaw logoDr. Rachel Ritchie on behalf of the Society for the History of Women in the Americas (SHAW)

“U.S. Studies Online is an amazing resource.  It brings together diverse groups from within the field of U.S. Studies (broadly defined) as well as those at different points in their academic life.  It provides a forum for sharing, engagement and learning whilst remaining accessible and inclusive.  I am particularly impressed with the editors’ positive commitment to seeking out partners to collaborate with, creating new connections on an individual, organisational and institutional level.  This can only be a good thing for both those involved, those reading U.S. Studies Online and the wider scholarly community.”

Dr. Rachel Ritchie is an Associate Research Fellow at Brunel University, London and the Secretary for the Society for the History of Women in the Americas (SHAW)


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