#USSOBookHour with the Affects of Pedagogy in Literary Studies, with Dr. Chris Lloyd, Dr. Hilary Emmett, et al. 5th June – 12pm (noon, GMT).



Dr. Chris Lloyd, a senior lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, is a learning and teaching specialist, and together with Dr. Hillary Emmett, an associate professor in American Studies at the University of East Anglia, they have edited a new anthology called The Affects of Pedagogy in Literary Studies published March 2023. The Affects of Pedagogy “considers the ways in which teachers and students are affected by our encounters with literature and other cultural texts in the higher education classroom”.[i] The many chapters focus on vitally important, especially in our current reality of post-pandemic higher education reality, considerations on a wide variety of theories. The contributors to the anthology have provided insight into reparative reading (Chapter 2), confusion (Chapter 4), rethinking negativity (Chapter 5) and the pedagogy of the unknown (Chapter 10), decolonisation (Chapter 12) and emotional bridges (Chapter 14) – to name but a few.

Prof. Tully Barnett, a senior lecturer in Creative Industries at the Flinders University, notes how.[ii] As Prof. Barnett notes, this book is a re-ignition for the passion educators ought to have

“for the scholarship of teaching and learning in literary studies
in the way it triangulates the connection between students and their lived experience,
instructors as affective domains of vulnerable knowledge,
and literary texts as windows on the world and doorways to new thinking”.[iii]

Dr. Lloyd ruminated in a mini interview at the BAAS 2023 conference how the book really came out of conversations that Hillary and I were having at conferences like BAAS, and how their conversations around teaching happened very informally. Mainly, what their conversations initially were about was pedagogy, rather than “the feelings that were being listed in those spaces”[iv], and now, with the new book, they want to “focus on affects and feeling in particular so what makes a classroom feel prickly or relaxed or strange what emotions get conjured up in students or us confusion anxiety joy excitement all those kinds of things”[v] as they adjoin the larger sphere of work that has been and is being done in affect studies.

Dr. Lloyd and Dr. Emmett with some of the other chapter contributors will speak with the USSO Book Hour about the book, the pedagogy behind it and how they imagine this innovative new affect study research to be used in higher education setting, among other inspiring thoughts.



The Book Hour is free to attend but registration is required.

#USSOBookHour with the Affects of Pedagogy in Literary Studies, with Dr. Chris Lloyd, Dr. Hilary Emmett, et al. 5th June – 12pm (noon, GMT).

Registering is available until 9am 5th June.

You can reserve a spot for the Book Hour with The Affects of Pedagogy here!


When registering, please ensure to include a current email address in order to receive a secure Zoom link prior to the talk. After the talk, there will also be a Q&A open for all attendees.



End notes:

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