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Call for Reviewer: BAAS Postgraduate Symposium 2021

U.S. Studies Online are seeking conference reviewers for the upcoming PG BAAS Conference: Visibility / Invisibility: Representation and Community Formation in American Studies. USSO is the postgraduate and early-career website, network, and blog for the British Association for American Studies, committed to publishing new work in and related to the field. We are looking for a short, 700-1200 word review of this event.  You can get a good idea of what this looks like from our most recent conference reviews, which can be found here: http://www.baas.ac.uk/usso/category/reviews/conference-reviews/

Promoting and recording the lively field of American Studies is a key role of USSO’s, as such we are always on the lookout for attendees of seminars, conferences, and all other related external events to review them for our website. Not only does this promote and celebrate the hard work of those organising the events, but it allows those who couldn’t attend to still benefit from the insights and opinions of the reviewer.

If you would be interested in reviewing this event or if you’d like more information on what this involves, please feel free to get in touch with Emily Brady (usso@baas.ac.uk) with any and all questions. 


The conference is happening online on December the 4th 2021. Details of the conference can be found below:

The past two years have seen a renewed visibility of global activist movements, and we aim to both analyse how we as a community unearth narratives historically excluded from mainstream understanding, including how our work has been informed by recent sociopolitical, cultural, and economic movements working to amplify marginalised voices and perspectives. We seek to answer the following questions: what do we understand by the terms  ‘visibility/invisibility? How might gatekeeping and canonical understanding affect communities, representation, and our understanding of these terms? How does this impact the content of our research and our methodologies? How do we ensure the visibility of systematically minoritised voices? Is visibility/invisibility truly binary, and if so, how does this duality frame our research practices? How do we approach visual culture, employ multimedia techniques, and find alternative meanings in canonical texts?

For further information and updates about this year’s symposium, follow us on Twitter @PGBAAS2021 or contact us at baaspgsymposium2021@gmail.com

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