America Now

In this short series,  a group of scholars consider important issues facing the United States as the Biden administration begins and the economic and health crises facing the country continue.

Ellis Mallett considers the US position in foreign relations in her article, “Not Your Grandparents’ Grand Strategy: Rethinking Liberal Hegemony“.

Jack Hodgson provides a succinct overview of the children’s rights and their status in the United States in his article, “Faith-healer parents, child brides, and 12-year-old Tobacco pickers“.

Olga Theirbach-McLean contemplates the US’s relationship to capitalism in her article, “Reality Check or Business as Usual? COVID-19 and the future of US Capitalism“.

Emma Woodhead investigates Civil War memory in the work of George Saunders and how it resonates in our current moment in her article, “(Re)Constructing the Past in George Saunders’ ‘CivilWarLand in Bad Decline‘”.

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