America Now

USSO is looking for article submissions focused on the current state of the USA.

Abstracts of 100-200 words are due by Friday 29 January 2021.

Articles of approximately 1200 words will be published throughout February 2021. Due dates and publication dates will be arranged in coordination with the author. Articles must be intended for publication in February.


The United States is in a tumultuous moment. By fits and turns it is a moment of despair and a moment of potential. We are seeking articles reflecting or commenting on the country’s current predicament. These may focus on:

  • How the past informs this moment
  • Observations of this moment
  • Insights of what to look for or expect from the Biden administration and/or the next four years

Articles may be concerned with any aspect of American Studies:

  • Politics
  • Popular culture
  • Media
  • Domestic policy
  • Foreign policy
  • Domestic terrorism
  • Race
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • History

For submissions or any inquiries e-mail .

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