USSOcast: Interview with Glenn Houlihan (Peter Boyle BAAS MA GTA recipient)



This week USSO’s Emily Brady spoke to Glenn Houlihan, BAAS’s last recipient of the Peter Boyle BAAS MA GTA award. Listen to the interview above, where Glenn recalls his time meeting new people and enjoying new experiences in the small-town Midwest, his work with Interfaith in combatting homelessness and poverty, and an academic conference with a difference!

Glenn also wrote his own testimonial to his time spent in Wyoming, which you can read on our site here.


The Peter Boyle MA GTA award is now open for applications. For more information, head over here. 


USSOcast is the new podcast format to be launched soon by USSO. All of our audio content will be available through the central hub of USSOcast, including Eyes on Events; Book Hour; and other various webinars, roundtables, interviews, and more. For more information, or to collaborate on any of these events, please contact 

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