Jeffrey Geiger on the 2019-20 BAAS Founders’ Research Award

I am grateful to have been recipient of a BAAS Founders’ Award – the support has been invaluable to my research into the early uses of amateur colour film. The BAAS Founders’ Award provides UK scholars with financial assistance for research travel and invited conference presentations, and more recently has… Continue reading

Conference Review: ‘Pandemics, Public Health, and Statecraft in Twentieth-Century U.S. History’

Day One, University College London, 4-5 July 2022

Organised by University College London’s Stephen Colbrook, Pandemics, Public Health, and Statecraft provided a platform for the exploration of the far-reaching intersections between statecraft and contagious disease, highlighting the emergence of identity, memory, and policymaking as narratives vital to advancing our understanding of the state and those who interact with… Continue reading

BAAS 2022 Panel Review: ‘Cultures of Surveillance and Counterinsurgency’

‘Cultures of Surveillance and Counterinsurgency’, British Association for American Studies Conference 2022, University of Hull, 21-23 April 2022 Cultures of Surveillance and Counterinsurgency was a panel held online for the BAAS 2022 conference on April 23rd 2022. Chaired by Molly Geidel, University of Manchester, the two speakers were Heena Hussain,… Continue reading

Book Review: John Dos Passos’s Transatlantic Chronicling: Critical Essays on the Interwar Years.

The University of Tennessee Press, $65 John Dos Passos’s Transatlantic Chronicling: Critical Essays on the Interwar Years (ed. Aaron Shaheen and Rosa Maria Bautista-Cordero) spotlights John Dos Passos’s (1896-1970) interwar writing career in consideration to his self-reputed role as a contemporary ‘chronicler’. This volume of essays is split into four… Continue reading

Book Review: Familial Fitness: Disability, Adoption, and Family in Modern America by Sandra M. Sufian

The University of Chicago Press, £28 Sandra M. Sufian’s Familial Fitness examines the complex role of disability and divergence in US adoption practices from the Progressive Era to the end of the 20th century, trying to “understand past structures and forces that enabled or impeded the integration of children labelled… Continue reading

Panel Review BAAS 2022: ‘Rethinking Identity and Place in the South: Cultural Production and Community Formations’

One of the advantages of returning to an in-person conference format is the opportunity to benefit from all the modes of knowledge exchange on offer over the three-day period—from panels, to keynotes, to workshops. One such example was the BAAS 2022 roundtable titled “Rethinking Identity and Place in the South:… Continue reading

BAAS 2022 Panel Review: ‘Considering Presidential Legacies: Reagan and Trump’

The British Association of American Studies (BAAS) Conference 2022 at the University of Hull was a hybrid format, with some panels happening in-person at the beautiful Hull campus, and other panels accessible online. Being at Hull for the conference, but also in charge of chairing one of the online panels… Continue reading

Book Review: FDR in American Memory: Roosevelt and the Making of an Icon by Sara Polak

Sara Polak. FDR in American Memory: Roosevelt and the Making of an Icon (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 2021), £54.   In FDR In American Memory: Roosevelt and the Making of an Icon, Sara Polak evaluates how President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s image was constructed to resemble that of an American icon.… Continue reading

Event Review: The Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference 2022

University of Helsinki

The biennial Maple Leaf and Eagle Conference is an event of legendary status both in Helsinki and far outside Finland. For almost four decades, it has kept the tradition of the longest running conference at the University of Helsinki uninterrupted and has provided a dynamic venue of exploring and explaining… Continue reading

Eyes on Events: Stephen Colbrook, ‘Pandemics and the State’ Conference

UCL Institute of the Americas

The next episode in our series Eyes On Events, this week we are interviewing Stephen Colbrook about the upcoming ‘Pandemics and that State’ Conference at the UCL Institute of the Americas. The conference is being held from the 4th to 5th of July 2022. This event is organised with support from Royal Historical… Continue reading